We supply a full suite of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosives (CBRE) detectors, which can be deployed for fixed sites, vehicles, airborne and marine platforms. We also supply chemical individual survival detection kit, vapor nerve agent detection kit and biological agent detection kit. We also provide maintenance services for the detectors.


We supply CBRN personal protective suits, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), face masks, filters canisters, CBRN boots, gloves, socks, N95 masks for military, homeland security agencies and commercial customers.


We provide All-In-One decontamination solutions for personnel, equipment, vehicles, terrain and indoor premises. We also provide man-portable decontamination systems and decontamination solutions for military, homeland agencies, hospitals and commercial customers.

Biometric Systems

We offer State-of-the Art advanced Iris on-the-Move (IOM) biometric systems for fast authentication and high throughput. The IOM biometric systems are deployed for access control and attendance monitoring applications, which require tight security control access. We also provide maintenance services for the biometric systems.

Infrastructure Security

We supply infrastructure security products such as Electro Optics (EO) systems, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) with video analytics, vehicle security barriers, security bollards and rapid protective systems. We can customise infrastructure security solutions to meet customers' requirements.